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Transparency and Openness

 To celebrate the launch of our revamped website and our series of informative articles, we feel that it is appropriate to begin with a discussion of Westmount Dental’s stance on transparency and openness, and how fundamental they are to putting you, as our patient, first.

Many people have been faced with this situation: Your car is getting routine maintenance and the mechanic says, “I’m sorry but your engine has a problem that needs to be repaired.” And you reply, “I don’t understand, my car runs fine, I don’t hear or feel anything wrong.” Would looking under the hood help you validate your mechanic’s claim? Sure it would – if you knew what to look for.

What if we could help you look inside your mouth and see exactly what your Dentist sees? Wouldn’t that allow you to make a more informed decision as to how you want to proceed?

At Westmount Dental we believe that a healthy and long-lasting relationship with any patient must be founded on trust earned through education. And what better way to understand your situation than with the ability to see exactly what your Dentist is talking about with a real-time image of your tooth, magnified to more than fifty times, and viewed on a monitor from the convenience of your dental chair.

Our intra-oral digital camera is one of the tools we use to keep you actively involved in your oral health and gain your trust. This specialized camera allows us to diagnose conditions much earlier than with unaided visual inspection and therefore, allows us to recommend preventive treatment options at a much earlier stage.

The most obvious benefits of early interceptive treatment are undergoing procedures that are less invasive and less expensive than if these conditions were left to progress.

Additionally, our professional team will always take the necessary time to discuss your treatment options, review the advantages and disadvantages of each, discuss the risks and consequences of not proceeding with treatment, and provide you with the approximate costs.

Our digital technology maintains our accountability and transparency with all of our patients because you can actually see what is happening, even if you do not feel that anything is wrong.

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Our office offers appointments throughout the week including evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. We always welcome ne patients, emergencies and offer free consultations. And we rely on your referrals for our growth.

Our dentists provide a full range of treatment including dental implants, root canal therapy, wisdom tooth surgery, sedation, Invisalign orthodontics, and cosmetic treatments. most importantly, our preventive dental care program aims to reduce the risk of you and your family requiring more invasive and costly treatment.

Our office is located in the heart of Thornhill in Vaughan. Call today to schedule your appointment.

About the Author
Dr. Mark Buzaglo is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario where he completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree, receiving the Pierre Fauchard Academy Award for outstanding academic achievement. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours. Dr. Buzaglo is an avid believer in ongoing continuing education and has completed many certified courses in all aspects of dentistry with particular focus in the fields of Cosmetic, Invisalign Orthodontics, and Implant Dentistry. He is a contributing writer and editor for the oral health programs at and, Canada’s foremost on-line continuing medical education websites for Medical Doctors in Canada. Dr. Buzaglo has a creative passion that is evident throughout your experience in his office, Westmount Dental. He has personally designed the layout and features of the office to provide an esthetic appeal to the flow of the working space. His creative ability is truly reflected in the dental treatment he provides to his patients.

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