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Working with Magnification

Our digital radiography and intra-oral photography provide high-powered magnification during your visit so that our Doctors can precisely examine your teeth and gums and detect microscopic problems that may not be visible to the naked eye. This means a dental problem can be treated before it has a chance to become more serious or painful.  In addition, the magnification allows our team to treat the problem in a much more precise manner, often less invasively, and therefore transforms the way we practice dentistry.

magnification 1This view is typically what a Doctor sees with the naked eye during a conventional clinical examination. The actual sizes of teeth are typically less than 10mm wide as seen here with this molar.

magnification 2








With our digital imaging and Dental Loupes eyewear, our Doctors have the ability to magnify a tooth up to 40 times the original size potentially revealing conditions that would otherwise go unnoticed.

magnification 2Magnification with Dental Loupes (3-5x) clearly shows early decay.

magnification 2_2Dental imaging magnification allows more precise detection of dental lesions and magnify upwards of 40 times the actual size.

magnification 3Treatment is completed after the decay has been removed and the tooth is restored with a resin restoration.