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Digital Impressions with iTero



An accurate impression is fundamental to a successful outcome in dentistry. Providing digital impression procedures with the iTero laser and optical scanner provides consistent, superior results and numerous other benefits for the clinician, patient and dental laboratory.

Efficiency & Predictability
The iTero scanner captures the surface and contours of the tooth and gums often in less time than it takes for impression material to set, reducing treatment time for you as a patient. The unmatched precision of the iTero digital impressions provides crowns, bridges and Invisalign aligners that require minimal adjustment and an accurate fit, an other source of predictable time savings for patients.

digital impression 1  digital impreesion 2   digital impression 3

Real-Time Digital Display
The unmatched visualisation of the tooth is one of the greatest benefits of iTero. Dentists can view this area from a full 360 degrees, enabling correction or confirmation of the tooth preparation design.

Effective Communication
The data files of the digital impression are then sent electronically to our dental laboratories, enhancing the speed of fabrication of dental restorations and orthodontic aligners.

Patient Experience
Westmount Dental enjoys a distinct advantage over other dental offices who adhere to the conventional impression method. With iTero patients become engaged in the process as they see their teeth and dental work on-screen. This provides our Doctors with an excellent educational tool that helps patients understand the nature of their treatment.

Environmentally Conscious
Use of the digital impression process conserves resources and preserves our environment. It eliminates the need for materials that generate waste when compared to conventional impression materials.