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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

“Wisdom teeth” is the nickname used for the third adult molars and are typically the last teeth to grow into the mouth, often appearing between the ages of 18-24. Many people do not have enough room in their jaws for these teeth to erupt alongside the others.¬†Therefore, some remain buried and others partially come through. Since these teeth are so far back in the mouth, keeping them properly cleaned is often very difficult for the patient and the dental team. Consequently, the wisdom teeth are at risk of developing decay, gum disease, infection and cysts.

The decision to remove wisdom teeth that are not (yet) causing problems remains debatable. While the choice to keep or remove the wisdom teeth will always be yours to make, our dental team will inform you of your risk of developing problems if you do not extract them.

wisdom tooth

It is possible to remove wisdom teeth relatively painlessly using local anesthetic; however, at Westmount Dental we offer Nitrous Oxide (“Laughing Gas”) Conscious Sedation for an additional level of comfort.