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dentures 1We can help restore the form and function of your mouth if teeth have been lost with the use of removable artificial teeth. Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth made with acrylic resin and sometimes metal for additional structural support. The acrylic teeth that are held in place by the gums, neighbouring teeth, clasps and/or dental implants.

The general advantages of dentures include a relatively easy and quick way to replace missing teeth, depending on the design it can be very esthetic, and compared to other tooth-replacement options it is less expensive.

Dentures can replace all of your missing teeth (“Complete Denture”) or replace a few missing teeth (“Partial Denture”) with multiple variations of each type.



Partial Denture Design Options
Similar to bridges, partial dentures help to restore the loss of one or a few teeth. Here are a few design options.


partial denture 1

Partial denture supported by teeth.

partial denture 2

Partial denture supported by implants


partial denture 4partial denture 3



Partial dentures can be made of acrylic only or made with a metal framework with teeth bonded to it.



Full Denture Design Options
Complete Dentures are used if there are no teeth left in the mouth to support them, in which case they are held in place by either the suction effect created by the jaw bones and gums or they can be retained by dental implants.
Full dentures help to restore the loss of all teeth in the upper and/or lower jaws. Here are a few design options.

full Upper DentureFull Lower Denture



Conventional full upper and lower acrylic dentures are removable and supported by healthy gums and bone.




Since the gums and bone shrink over time, their retentive ability diminishes and results in uncomfortable ill-fitting dentures.  The current standard of care is retaining these artificial teeth with dental implants, serving to maintain excellent function.

implant full upper dentureimplant full lower denture



Full upper and lower dentures are retained by dental implants. The number and position of dental implants is dependent upon the quality and quantity of the available bone.

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