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Digital Radiography

To improve your care, we use a new way of looking into your mouth – digital radiography and digital intra-oral photography.  These new technologies are precise.  We immediately get a large, clear and accurate image on the computer screen, right next to your chair.

digital radiography          digital radiograph 2

In addition to the environmental benefits of digital radiography, improved efficiency, improved patient communication, and improved patient care are only a few of the most obvious reasons why Westmount Dental uses digital instead of film-based imaging.

Minimal Radiation
Radiographs are integral in the detection of diseases and cancer in hard and soft tissue. Digital radiographs use up to several times less radiation than conventional radiographs, allowing us to take the necessary number of diagnostic images while exposing you to as little radiation as possible.

To place this into perspective, a single conventional (film) radiograph exposes a patient to the same amount of background radiation that we are all exposed to within a 10-day period. At Westmount Dental, the equivalent dose would be several digital radiographs. It is interesting to note that we take, on average, four to six radiographs per patient every 12-18 months.

Environmentally Friendly
In an effort to conserve resources and preserve our environment, we use digital radiography as it does not generate waste or polluting agents when compared to conventional radiographs.