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Mouth / Sport Guards

Sports guard 2Would you ever consider letting your son or daughter play hockey without a helmet, so why would you send them out onto the ice without a mouth guard?

A properly fitted mouth guard can prevent far more than just chipped or broken teeth. They also protect the supporting tissues of the mouth (gums and bone). In more serious injuries a mouth guard can reduce the risk of jaw fracture.

The long-term considerations of not wearing a mouth guard can be significant and involve invasive and costly treatment.

Minimizing the risk of injury to your face and teeth from sport-related traumas is of utmost importance.  For this reason, when you are involved in activities exposing you to possible injuries, we encourage the use of high-quality protective mouth guards which  are custom-made, tailored to fit your teeth, offering the best protection against injury and are the most comfortable to wear.

sports guard 1We do not recommend store-bought or boil-and-bite guards as they may not provide the protection that a custom-fit guard can.

Mouth guards are necessary in any sport where there might be a strong chance of contact with other participants or hard surfaces. Players who participate in sports such as football, hockey, basketball, ski racing, rugby, soccer, wrestling, lacrosse, gymnastics and martial arts should wear mouth-guards when practicing or competing.

Mouth guards are also a good idea for recreational activities such as skate-boarding, in-line skating and cycling.