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Dental bonding may be a quick, cost effective and conservative way to improve your natural smile dramatically!

The Most Conservative Cosmetic Procedure
Dental bonding can correct imperfections such as gaps, chips, spots and discolorations. Depending on your condition this procedure may also be able to repair fractures and re-shape teeth.

No Uncomfortable Needles
The procedure is quick and comfortable, often done with no anaesthesia. Your Doctor will lightly disinfect and roughen up the surface of your teeth with a gel, apply adhesive, apply the tooth-coloured bonding acrylic and then sculpt the material into the desired shape.

What You Need To Know
While this procedure is a great solution for correcting flaws, it is not necessarily permanent. Because acrylic is not as strong as enamel, there is a possibility that your teeth can once again stain, chip, and break. This is especially true if the bonding has been applied to the edges of your front teeth. Remember, biting and chewing can be quite traumatic to your teeth. Additionally, bonding is resistant to the effects of whitening procedures. A colour adjustment of the bonding may be necessary if you decide to brighten your smile.

The Alternative
We can create a smile that is so alive, friends may comment on how amazing you look. However, due to a few minor limitations you may want to consider porcelain veneers, which is often performed on movie stars. This alternative requires more office visits than bonding but may be your best treatment option if you desire a longer-lasting solution.

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