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Porcelain Crowns


A beautiful smile will enhance your appearance and improve your self-confidence!

A filling can restore a small defect in a tooth, but a crown is the most durable, strongest way to restore a tooth with extensive damage for the long term.

A porcelain crown, often referred to as a “cap”, is an esthetically-pleasing cover for the tooth that has a variety of applications. They can bring back your healthy, natural-looking smile that has been altered by cracked, broken, decayed or worn teeth. Crowns also serve to strengthen the tooth protecting it from fracture, similar to the function of a helmet on your head, and are essential for teeth that have had root canal therapy.

crown 2

With all the materials and techniques offered by modern dentistry, crowns can be completely natural looking.

Crowns can also correct bite problems, cover badly shaped or discoloured teeth, close spaces between teeth, change their angulations, and replace missing teeth permanently, as part of a bridge or over an implant.