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March 2021

Benefits of Fluoride

The World Health Organization states “fluoridation of water supplies, where possible, is the most effective public health measure for the prevention of dental decay.” Such a compelling statement demonstrates the global impact that water fluoridation has had since its introduction...

Managing & Understanding Oral Ulcers

Oral ulcers are a common clinical problem affecting both adults and children.  Generally, an ulcer is a round or oval yellow defect of the skin, which has exposed the deeper layers to the external environment. These ulcers can appear as individual or multiple lesions, forming...

No More Impressions! No More Gagging!

Digital Impressions with iTero An accurate impression is fundamental to a successful outcome in dentistry. Providing digital impression procedures with the iTero laser and optical scanner provides consistent, superior results and numerous other benefits for the clinician, patient...

Fillings with No Freezing, No Needles, No Pain!

A complete preventive dentistry program includes:  brushing and flossing, use of fluoride, good nutrition, restoring fractured fillings and teeth, treating decay as soon as possible, and regular dental examinations. For maximum benefit, preventive resin restorations should be...

FAQ Pregnancy & Dental Care

Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Dental Treatment How a woman cares for her teeth during her pregnancy can affect her health and her developing baby. During the course of pregnancy, some women have a reduced ability to fight bacteria and, as a result, may have sore and bleeding...

It’s More Than “Just A Cleaning”

Have you ever cancelled a dental cleaning appointment because you were too busy with work, too busy with the kids, or too busy with life? Undoubtedly. And you may have justified it to yourself by saying, “It’s just a cleaning anyways.” Don’t worry,...

Making a great first impression – without the goop or gag!

Thankfully old-school impressions are no longer the only option. With state-of-the-art technology and our progressive office that’s providing your treatment, making a great and comfortable first impression with the iTero scanner has never been easier.   The iTero...

Is Flossing Necessary?

Is Flossing Necessary? The Ontario Dental Association has responded to several Canadian news reports about a U.S. story questioning the efficacy of flossing, citing the lack of evidence supporting the practice. The story was initially published by the Associated Press and...

Managing & Understanding Cold Sores

Oral Herpes Simplex Viral (HSV) infections are commonly referred to as “Cold Sores”. The following is an article I had co-written for Canadian continuing education programs for Medical Doctors and Pharmacists. Viral infections of the oral mucosa are frequently...