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April 2018

Get the Restful Sleep You Deserve with an Anti-Snoring Appliance

Why do we snore? Contrary to popular belief, snoring isn’t simply a bad habit that a person can be trained to give up. In most cases, snoring occurs when the muscles of the throat relax during sleep, narrowing the passage of air. Muscle relaxant medications, excess tissue in the...

Oral Jewelry May Be Appealing But Just How Safe Is It?

Piercing the tongue, lip or cheeks has become a popular form of self-expression. People interested in this trend should be aware that it is not without health risks. What do you think are the possible risks or complications that can developing following making an incision or...

Westmount Dental’s Green Commitment

At Westmount Dental, we aim to have a more positive environmental impact. Our office was designed with the intent to help protect our environment and examples include: Paperless charting Electronic insurance submissions Digital imaging Digital x-ray radiography Digital impression...

Should You Tell Your Dentist If Your Medical History Has Changed?

Why should you update your Dentist with changes to your medical history? Why does the dentist need to know about your hospitalizations, medications, allergies, and other personal medical problems? After all, having a dental cleaning or a filling is not a big deal, right? The...