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Preventive Dentistry

Fillings with No Freezing, No Needles, No Pain!

A complete preventive dentistry program includes:  brushing and flossing, use of fluoride, good nutrition, restoring fractured fillings and teeth, treating decay as soon as possible, and regular dental examinations. For maximum benefit, preventive resin restorations should be...

Keeping a Healthy Smile at Any Age

If you thought that you were too old to visit the dentist then you’re mistaken. This blog will review some helpful tips so that you can maintain optimal dental health for many years to come. Regularly scheduled cleanings, oral examinations and preventive care are the...

Straight Teeth Means Healthier Teeth and a Healthier You

Straight Teeth Means Healthier Teeth and a Healthier You Our office provides Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment. Proper tooth alignment is not only about improving the esthetics of your smile, it’s a matter of improving your health. Straighter teeth mean a healthier mouth and a...