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Straight Teeth Means Healthier Teeth and a Healthier You

Straight Teeth Means Healthier Teeth and a Healthier You

Our office provides Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment. Proper tooth alignment is not only about improving the esthetics of your smile, it’s a matter of improving your health.

Straighter teeth mean a healthier mouth and a healthier you for several reasons:

(a)   Straight teeth prevent an accumulation of bacteria on the surfaces of your teeth that promotes decay, infection, bad breath (halitosis), a potential source of bacteria that can enter your lungs and bloodstream;

(b)   Straight teeth are easier to brush and floss than crowded teeth;

(c)   Straight teeth help patients avoid periodontal disease (gum disease – gum swelling and bone loss);

(d)   Straight teeth are less likely to chip, break, or wear; and

(e)   Straight teeth are less prone to gum recession and subsequent cold sensitivity.

Most patients are unaware that straightening improperly aligned teeth can solve common issues including bad breath, gingivitis, gum recession, temperature sensitivity, and tooth chipping.

Straightening teeth can also help prevent more serious problems such as tooth mobility and subsequent tooth loss. Additionally, aligned teeth allow patients to keep their teeth cleaner and reducing the number of bacteria within the mouth. This bacteria, if left untreated, has the potential to spread throughout the rest of the body, which may contribute to worsening of pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke.


The following case study illustrates the benefits of healthy occlusion

Invisalign case study: Evan, a 23-year-old male

This 23-year-old patient, Evan, presented with bleeding gums, recession, calculus, deep pockets, and gum recession. [Native Advertisement]

His minimally invasive treatment plan included:

•      Nonsurgical periodontal therapy, including improved home care and the removal of plaque and calculus via scaling and root planing;
•      Fifteen months of Invisalign therapy, followed by wearing nightly Vivera retainers; and
•      Teeth whitening and enamel recontouring to eliminate minor chipping along the edges of his front teeth.

Invis B&A Blog

Before and after photos illustrate the impact of Invisalign on Evan’s health.

Without any grafting, there was nearly a full resolution of periodontal health (i.e., the gum line remodeled itself). This “prevention plan,” as I call it, gave Evan a healthy, beautiful smile and eliminated the need for future periodontal and restorative intervention. It has been 10 years since Evan completed his Invisalign therapy. Since then, he has not had any restorative or periodontal procedures, just routine maintenance and wearing his Vivera retainers nightly. The patient continued to show excellent oral health and more confidence in his appearance after completion of treatment. Now that’s something to smile about!

Invis B&A Blog 2

Following treatment, Evan continued to show excellent oral health and more confidence in his appearance.

Fortunately, with the ease of use, comfort, and hygienic benefits Invisalign clear aligners provide, you should consider orthodontic treatment as part of your “prevention plan” to help maintain a healthy and beautiful smile.


Westmount Dental offers appointments throughout the week including evenings, Saturdays and Sundays (by appointment as days and times vary). We always welcome new patients, emergencies and offer free consultations. And we rely on your referrals for our growth.

Our dentists provide a full range of treatment all under one roof to minimize the need for outside referrals. Some of the treatment we provide includes the full service and placement of dental implants, root canal therapy, wisdom tooth surgery, sedation, Invisalign orthodontics, and cosmetic treatments. Most importantly, our preventive dental care program aims to reduce the risk of you and your family requiring more invasive and costly treatment.

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About the Author
Dr. Mark Buzaglo is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario where he completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree, receiving the Pierre Fauchard Academy Award for outstanding academic achievement. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours. Dr. Buzaglo is an avid believer in ongoing continuing education and has completed many certified courses in all aspects of dentistry with particular focus in the fields of Cosmetic, Invisalign Orthodontics, and Implant Dentistry. He is a contributing writer and editor for the oral health programs at and, Canada’s foremost on-line continuing medical education websites for Medical Doctors in Canada. Dr. Buzaglo has a creative passion that is evident throughout your experience in his office, Westmount Dental. He has personally designed the layout and features of the office to provide an esthetic appeal to the flow of the working space. His creative ability is truly reflected in the dental treatment he provides to his patients.

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